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Coming to the end of the first run of STAB IN THE DARK so I'm reflecting. This is the first show I’ve produced and before I started I made a conscious decision to buy local and source 2nd hand where ever possible. [Big up the environment] I’ve been through all my receipts and collated some data using my mad GCSE ITC skills, as I wanted to see how I’d actually done. It felt like I hadn’t spent much time in large high street chains but when I put the damn stats into the pie chart machine …

If I look at this perfectly formed pie chart I can deduce that only a third of what I bought was 2nd Hand, and a third was actually from high street chains. Raging. Looking over the receipts I think that was mainly due to building supplies – next time I think I’ll head over to an independent wood yard. Although I can proudly say that ALL the costumes came from charity shops, except for one skirt I bought 2nd hand from eBay and four sweat tops that I bought from M&S. Two were in the sale so it only cost £12.78. I think Primark tees are £2.50 so I actually only spent £2.78 more for a better, sustainable option. Pretty neat. And I didn’t buy one thing from Amazon.


I also spent a mad amount of time changing the location option on eBay to within 15 miles. Some purchases I made a conscious decision to get from further away because they were essentially a lot cheaper. But if two items were only a little difference in price I chose the one within the 15 miles. And I always chose the second hand option over the new. Everything I bought on eBay said it was from the UK – although I’m pretty sure a torch I bought was from China even though it said London. 😒 Despite that, I’m pretty pleased with how this pie chart looks….

And even though 32% of the total spend was on items further that 15 miles away it was actually only 12 things. I plotted them on a map cos I'm a nerd. Not too many extra miles...

The info above relates to physical purchases which obvs only accounts for a portion of what I actually spent. So I looked into my marketing budget. I got the posters printed locally rather than by a cheaper online website – although saying that it was basically the same price and they told me all their paper is from renewable sources. 💪 The rest you can see below. It should read that most of your marketing was spent locally right? Cos that's the market you're aiming to reach..?

Things I want to look into/improve for next time:

- Alternative to Sellotape and Gaffer Tape - is masking tape recyclable?

- Alternative to Cable Ties

- Only buy paint from metal containers... is that possible?

- Shop in more independant stores obvs

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